What age group does Eagles serve?
Boys and girls ages 7-14.

Are there tryouts?
No. All children in the same age group will play for the Eagles as long as they have a completed medical exam/release completed by their physician.

Are there team sizes or limitations?
All teams must field a minimum of 16 players and a maximum of 30, though some teams may max out at a lower number. Registration of over 42 kids in a single division may be split into two teams. If there are not adequate players to establish a second team, available team slots will be given in the order that registration is paid in full, and all forms have been completed. As per TVYFC By-laws, all registration forms are both date and time stamped for this reason. 

Are there playing time requirements?
All players will play a minimum of 12 plays every game if they attended practice under the Head Coach's requirements.

What league are the Eagles in?
The Tri-Valley Youth Football Conference or TVYFC consists of Ojai, multiple Santa Barbara teams, Santa Ynez, Santa Maria,  Nipomo, and Vandenberg.

Are there weight limits or restrictions?
Yes. If a player is over a certain weight, determined by division, he can't carry the ball. The weight restriction for each division is posted on the Sign-up Information page.

Is there a cut policy?
There are no cuts. However, players are required to participate in regularly scheduled, weekly practices, in order to take the field for games.

When does the season start and how long does it last?
Pre-season practices begin the first week of August and lasts 4 weeks. Jamboree, or the league scrimmages, are usually over Labor Day weekend, and the regular season will last 9 weeks. If a team qualifies, play-offs could last up to three weeks.

What are the typical practice times and locations?
The Div I and Div II teams practice 5 days a week for the first 2 weeks; then 3 days a week for the rest of the season. 
The Div  III and Div IV teams practice 5 days a week for the first 2 weeks; then 4 days a week for the rest of the season. 
Practices are held at Nordhoff High School at various backfields. The Coaches will decide what times work best, but usually 5-7 PM.

What equipment is provided and what can I keep?
Your registration fee buys you a game jersey. The Eagles will provide a helmet, shoulder pads, game pants, belt, and practice pants (limited supply), all of which must be returned at season's end. Families must purchase practice jerseys and girdles separately. Most of the registration fee goes towards your child's insurance costs, field and official's fees, and coaching resources. Cheerleaders keep their entire uniform.

Are there other fees and fund-raising requirements?
All football players and cheerleaders are required to sell one (1) raffle booket each. Families may sell additional raffle books to "earn back" their registration fees. This season, the raffle will be held at the Kick-off BBQ in August, so books must be sold prior to then. 

Is there a refund policy?
Registration is viewed as a commitment to complete the entire season, and finances are treated as such. In the event a participant must withdraw, for any reason, including but not limited to injury, parents agree to the following refund policy. Notice of intent to withdrawal must be submitted via written notification to the Head Coach and Executive Board. For the purposes of refunds, the official date of withdrawal will be the date notice is received by the Executive Board AND all league issued equipment, if any, has been returned. Withdrawal prior to July 15, 2014: all fees will be refunded except for the initial $100 non-refundable deposit. Withdrawal between July 15 – TVYFC Player certification date (football) or uniforms have been ordered (cheer): all fees paid in excess of $160 will be refunded. Once a player has been certified OR a cheerleader's uniform has been ordered, no refunds will be approved. 

What days are games held?
Games are held at various locations on Saturdays only.


                                         Football Child Division Placement

A player must be at least 6 years of age to be eligible for participation. For the 2019 Season, the playing age of the player is their age as of September 1, 2019. The player’s weight and age determine the division they will play in as follows; see below table for more detail by age.
EXCEPT PLAY DOWNS: Play Downs use December 1, 2019 to determine league age in Bantam, Midget, Junior, and Senior Divisions. Put simply, your child cannot play down (upper age) if their birthday falls between September 1, 2019 and December 1, 2019; even if they make weight.
SEE BELOW FOR PLAY DOWNS (rule change for 2019)

No high school student, 9th grades or higher will be allowed to play, this includes any player that has successfully been promoted from or graduated from the 8th grade in June of the upcoming season. This includes any player who is being held back voluntarily or being home schooled. An appeal may be made to the PYFL under special circumstances for repeat 8th graders to be able to play.
*- Only allowed a 5 lbs. weight gain during the season. All others are allowed to gain 10 lbs.
!- Play downs use December 1, 2018 to determine league age.
PLAY DOWN AGE/DIVISIONS (Rule Change for 2018)
SENIOR: Age 14 (Turns 15 between 9/1/19 and 12/1/19, may not play PYFL as a 15 year old
JUNIOR: Age 13 (Turns 14 between 9/1/19 and 12/1/19, must play Seniors)
MIDGETS: Age 12 (Turns 13 between 9/1/19 and 12/1/19, must play Juniors)
BANTAM: Age 11 (Turns 12 between 9/1/19 and 12/1/19, must play Midgets)
     PW: N/A     GRM: N/A
**NOTE **
Any player can play in a division higher than their age; however the player must stay below the MAX weight of that division. This includes any players that must play up due to their birthdate